About Us


Bruvva is an independent visual effects studio based in London. We specialise in the creative direction and realisation of experiential and mixed reality art.

Bruvva was founded by Jake Mengers, who has spent the last 25 years creating visual effects for numerous iconic and award-winning advertising campaigns including Levi’s ‘Odyssey’, Three ‘Moonwalking Pony’, Cadbury’s “Spots & Stripes” and Xbox ‘Mosquito’ taking home 3 VES Awards, 2 Cannes Gold Lions, 10 British Arrow Craft Awards, and 3 D&AD pencils in the process.

For the past 8 years Bruvva has collaborated with British artist duo Rob and Nick Carter providing creative direction for their on-going “Transforming” series of cutting-edge modern digital artworks. To date they have created more than 10 films, each 3 hours in length and numerous sculptures.

Building on the experience of working on some of the most memorable and awarded commercials of the last 2 decades, through Bruvva, Jake can immerse himself in his passion for Experiential and Digital Art