About Us


BRUVVA was established in c2000 by Jake Mengers, the renowned digital artist and experiential director.  Associated with developing content for some of world’s most exclusive brands and artists.

Led by Mengers, BRUVVA’s ethos is that in a world saturated by special effects and digital gimmicks the EXPERIENCE must come first. For that to happen the idea and narrative TOGETHER must captivate the audience. It’s no good relying on technology alone.

No longer is the user just admiring an effect, but in fact drawn into the experience, capturing the attention of a demanding technological generation. This creates and emotional response which in turn develops into a unique affinity with the brand.

Bruvva is driven creatively by a passion for storytelling, always looking to push the boundaries of modern technology both creatively and technologically to create a special marque of immersive content.

From creating digital paintings that come to life and autonomous robot drawings to augmented reality and experiential fashion shows, Bruvva’s creative team have an eye for the extraordinary, an ability to delve into a wide range of media to create highly awarded work that catches the attention of the worlds ever more demanding screen generation.